Employee Growth Fuels Company Growth.

The JESCO Group emphasizes human resources development from a long-term perspective, in keeping with the management philosophy “A human company that makes employees’ dreams and hopes come true.” At the same time, we are recruiting non-Japanese nationals and pursuing diversified business expansion and globalization.

Education system

JESCO’s systematic education programs start with one-on-one intensive training for new employees, and OJT conducted through everyday work is provided at each Group company. In addition, we hold seminars and lectures for engineers and also provide other opportunities for employees with initiative to pursue their professional development as far as they wish.

Tateshina Village Taki-no-Yukawa Training Center

The training center has a training room with capacity for 70 persons and lodging facilities for 60 persons. We have prepared an environment conducive to study in Tateshina, an area with an attractive natural environment, where we conduct level-specific training, function-specific training, objective-specific training, and company-specific training. The center has a full complement of amenities, including natural hot spring baths, wood stoves, and karaoke, providing a place of refreshment for employees completely different from their day-to-day workplaces.

Recruitment of non-Japanese nationals

The JESCO Group actively recruits foreign students from the ASEAN region each year with a view to future expansion in the region. We also provide technical training and Japanese language training to engineers recruited at our subsidiary in Vietnam and devote efforts to developing human resources capable of expanding the business in Japan and the ASEAN region.