Nachi-no-taki Protected Forest

The JESCO Group has concentrated efforts on environmental conservation as part of its commitment to CSR. In March 2017 we acquired 16.7 hectares of forest in Nachikatsuura Town in Higashimuro County, Wakayama Prefecture, as a company forest (with approximately 50,000 35-year-old Japanese cypress trees). The area is in the Kii Mountains that form part of a UNESCO World Cultural and National Heritage site richly endowed with nature and celebrated for the Kumano Sanzan shrine complex. In the upper reaches of the Nachi River, which flows through the mountains, is the majestic Nachi-no-Otaki waterfall.


The acquired forest contributes to CO2 reduction (equivalent to 35 tons per year). Rainfall stored by the mountain forest is a source of water for Nachi-no-Otaki and is beneficial in terms of forest conservation and disaster prevention.

Tateshina Forest

Tateshina Forest is a longstanding environmental initiative of the JESCO Group. We own and manage approximately 10,000 m2 of forested land in the verdant Tateshina highland, contributing to CO2 absorption and mitigation of global warming. At Tateshina Forest, as at Nachi-no-taki Protected Forest, we help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere together with the local community through forest development and promote creation of a green environment.

CO2 Reduction

Adoption of carbon offset uniforms (with CO2 emission rights)

JESCO uniforms are carbon offset.
JESCO uniforms are carbon offset.

The JESCO Group is helping reduce greenhouse gases by purchasing carbon offset uniforms (with CO2 emission rights). 
By paying a fixed sum (\5 per kilogram) in addition to the uniform price, we participate in an initiative that contributes to CO2 reduction. The year before last, we achieved an approximately 1-ton annual reduction in CO2 through this initiative.

Eco-Green Club

JESCO engages in tree planting through club activities.

The JESCO Group is promoting environmental conservation, including CO2 reduction utilizing land and trees in the Tateshina highland in Nagano Prefecture, and promotes the Eco-Life Movement by utilizing the rooftops of company-owned buildings under the “Creating green, relaxing spaces” theme.